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I feel invisible and so alone ...


Isolation can be scary. Do you feel invisible and wonder if anyone sees or notices you?

Most of us feel that way at some point or another in our lives. That's ok, as long as we don't get stuck there.

Feeling stuck can be detrimental to our health.

Feeling stuck is like treading water. After a while it  exhausts us and it feels like drowning.

What keeps me from growing and moving forward?

Pain, Shame, and Trauma ....

Shame is a prison.  It's time to get free from the grip of shame.

Pain and trauma can keep you from fully developing your identity. Are you out of touch with your inner self? Do you know who you are and what you want out of life?


Is this you?


You don't have to live trapped by the past and ensnared by shame, pain, and trauma.

Shame linked to trauma and past experiences can hold us back and keep us from growing. It's time to get free from the grip of shame. Experiences of rejection may have kept you from being your authentic self, but there is a better way to live.

you don't have to do it alone!


I can hep you get unstuck.

I can help you discover who you really are.

I can help you overcome the pain of rejection and embrace your authentic self.

I believe that it is in being known by others that we are able to know ourselves and make peace with the parts of ourselves that we struggle with most.


The first step


Taking the first step to begin therapy can be difficult but also empowering. Once you contact me, we will arrange the initial evaluation session. Once we meet, we can get a clear idea of how we can work together and if it feels like a good match. If it doesn’t, then I am happy to provide you with referrals that may better meet your needs. If we do decide to move forward, then we will schedule the next session, determine frequency of sessions and work out payment arrangements. 

By now, you have already learned ways to tolerate life’s painful challenges. Why not take the next step from merely surviving to thriving! Call or text me at (512) 520-0687.

What Services do I provide?














Call me for a free 15-minute consultation to talk about how we can work together to restore wholeness, freedom, and potential in your life again. 

Call or text me at (512) 520-0687 or email me at


South Office

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My South office is conveniently located in  Rollingwood, South Austin, near MOPAC.

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North Office

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My North office is located in a residential area in Round Rock near Gattis and Grimes.

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Thompson Trail, Round Rock, Texas, 78664, United States

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